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Title DOI Date
Absolute length measurement of prismatic bodies with PTB´s new double-ended interferometer under the influence of wavefront aberrations 810.20150616K 2015-06-16
Development of a feature adapted measurement evaluation strategy 810.20150325P 2015-04-22
Aspects of angle determination in coordinate metrology 810.20150325M 2015-04-17
Simulation of industrial environment in Large Volume Metrology 810.20150325H 2015-04-15
A Model-Based Approach for the Dynamic Calibration of Torque Transducers 820.20150414K 2015-04-13
Measurement Standard for Monitoring Performance of Machine Tools in Harsh Environmental Condition 810.20150331B 2015-04-08
Renewal of the gage-block interferometer at INRIM 810.20150331A 2015-04-02
Recent Developments in Angle Metrology 810.20150325F 2015-03-26
Economic high resolution fringe counting for heterodyne interferometers using FPGA technology 810.20150325E 2015-03-25
The uncertainty evaluation of homodyne signals 810.20150325C 2015-03-25
Which diameter matters? 810.20150325D 2015-03-25
Evaluating and visualizing the quality of surface points determined from computed tomography volume data 810.20150223A 2015
Determination of metrological structural resolution of a CT system using the frequency response on surface structures 810.20150223B 2015
Dynamic Torque Calibration – Necessity and Outline of a Model-Based Approach 810.20140929P 2014-09-29
Absolute distance interferometer in LaserTracer geometry 810.20130620A 2013
Ball and hole plate development for evaluation of μCMM 810.20130620B 2013
Calibration of photomasks for optical coordinate metrology 810.20130620C 2013
Temperature measurement in dimensional metrology – Why the Steinhart-Hart equation works so well 810.20130620D 2013
Precision angle comparator using self-calibration of scale errors based on the equal-division-averaged method 810.20130620F 2013
Scanning phase shift interferometry in length measurement 810.20130620G 2013